Ideas to Explore

ITE – Tree Leaves Fashion

Now this may be the most bizarre and whacky idea from by stable, as I am not a fashion expert nor a garment expert,...

ITE – Neem Twigs (Daatun) to replace Toothpastes

I received a Neem powder based tooth powder from a friend and after trying it for a couple of days only I felt fresh,...

ITE – Indian version of Family Tree Portal

I have been a member of MyHeritage portal for more than two years now and have been observing it very keenly. They started with...

ITE – Post Paid Legal Aid

A few months back Times of India stole a picture from my travel blog and even after repeatedly writing to them they refused to...

ITE – Complaint Management

Today most service providing consumer organizations are facing a deadlock with lot of consumers who are not happy with their complaints. They have their...

ITE – Online Experience Gifting

The concept of gifting and the nature of gifts has changed over time. When we were kids, we wanted games and clothes, when we...

ITE – Repair Centre

In this time and age, repairs is becoming a vanishing concept. It is difficult to find someone who can repairs your clothes, shoes, household...

ITE – Tea Stalls / Chains

Tea is a basic India beverage. Most Indian love to have it, as a matter of habit, as a rejuvenator while breaking, as a...

ITE – Laundry Services at Tourist Locations

This one may be micro-enterprise.Doing your laundry is a basic requirement wen you travel for more than few days. Laundry charges are very high...

ITE – Bill Management for Households

There are 10-15 monthly bill items that an average middle class household has to pay. Most of these bills land up at different points...

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