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Fragrant Opportunities In The Air For Indian MSMEs

This article Fragrant Opportunities by Anuradha Goyal, author, and founder of IndiTales.com was first published by the New Indian Express newspaper on July 07,...

IDE – Spice Flavored Water

A few months back I was facilitating an Idea generation session at a Entrepreneurs Development program at an incubation center. Most entrepreneurs in this...
Art Installation

IDE – Upcycling Centres

I participated in a community arts project in Goa for three weeks at Goa University. project involved coming up with a public arts installation...

ITE – Recreating Heritage

I have attending a few courses on ancient Indian Art History and it is painful to see lot of it being lost due to...

Idea to Explore: Destination Time Table

Travel industry is centered around attractions for which tourists come to a destination. Transportation industry helps people reach the destination, hospitality industry provides a...

ITE – Localized Fashion

I moved to Goa a few months back and have been going to the beaches more as a local than as a enthusiastic tourists....

ITE – Mobile App for fare for Local Transportation

Local transportation fares are variable in India, even when there are meters are there, fares are regulated. When you reach a city, specially at...

ITE – Jaggery Based Confectionary

This Diwali I was searching for alternate options to sweets i.e. products that do not have white sugar in them and I could not...

Innovation: Bucket from Used Tyres

  I was in Jhabua, MP to attend a tribal festival and at that fair I saw various small innovations, or rather ways of using...

ITE – App for Meeting Resolutions

Thought of Idea came when a FB friend said that it was just yesterday that we celebrated new year and its March already. All...

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