Innovation Principles from Google

There is no denying the fact that Google is the most innovative company of our times – to the extent for many others the success of their innovations is linked to Google’s innovation. One change at Google platform and it ¬†can impact many fortunes. In the Fast company article¬†GOOGLE REVEALS ITS 9 PRINCIPLES OF INNOVATION, authors talk about 9 things that make Google Innovative.

Now the 15-20% personal time to employees is something that is quite well known funda from the house of Google, but some of the others are not as well known.

I like what they say about focus on the user and the rest will follow. It is akin to saying in life follow your heart and the rest will follow. It also reminded me of what Gandhi ji said about the customer, and we must remember he was a Bania too, is that we must be always grateful to the customer for the business exists for the customer and we are there to serve the customer. This is something that lot of companies forget to focus on and end up focusing on what they can sell to the customers irrespective of whether they need it or not, whether it serves a purpose or not. So, author gives an example of how they chose to focus on the customers even at the risk of loosing some revenue but how it eventually worked in their as well as their customer’s favor.

Another synthesized insight is that there are no obvious doors that the innovation walks in from. It can come as much from the CEO’s mind as it can from a freshers mind or even a user’s mind. You need to open to all the ideas and create an environment that allows these ideas to flow, to be exchanges and to be debated. There should be openness to adapt and experiment with new ideas. I do not think you need formal processes for this but the existing systems and processes should be flexible enough to accommodate new ones.

Interesting article to read and learn.

Anuradha Goyal