Innovation Personalities

This Forbes Article talks about Five personalities of Innovation. You can read the article to know the five types and it is possible that you have a bit of all of them in you.

But I like the part where the author says that you need to balance the risk takers and risk averse people in your innovation team. If everyone is a risk taker, you may loose on the practicality of the idea and the execution plan may not be as tight. If the risk averse are more, most ideas will be lost on the ideation table and may never get to experimentation stage as people will look more at the downside of trying out the idea.

Having said that, can we really get a perfect balance? People behave differently in different situations. For example, I can be very experimental when it comes to traveling but I am extremely conservative when it comes to financial planning. Then there are always external factors that influence people in the corporate environment, like what category does my boss fall into? Most people will tend to tilt towards their bosses personality to an extent, sometimes overriding their own natural personality style as there are many rewards associated with the boss. The peer group can also have an impact. Take me out of my current environment and I may be a different personality.

While these classifications serve as broad guidelines, on the ground what matters is the resolve of the leadership to do something.

Anuradha Goyal


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