Innovation Personalities

Scott Anthony in his HBR Article Making of an Innovation Master talks about people who he thinks are innovation masters.

He chooses P&G’s A G Leafly over Steve Jobs because he thinks Leafly laid down a culture of innovation while Jobs was more of an individual genius. I agree with him. Similarly, he discusses others who he thinks can classify for being the masters of innovation. He also gives a list of potential future masters of innovation. I have not heard of most of these names, see if you have.

If you have to make a list of Masters of Innovation – who would be in them.

My list would have –

Bill Gates ( Yes, he was the first innovator whose innovations created a whole new industry)

Gary Hamel – One of the few guys who I think understands innovation

A G Leafly – for pretty much the same reasons as Scott Anthony

Indian IT Industry – For being an alchemist in creating software engineers for the world. And I could not give this credit to any single person.




Anuradha Goyal