Innovation is a Belief

Jeffery Phillips in his blog article Innovation is a Belief System takes a look at how Innovation is treated by Executives and Managers and how it’s their beliefs that impact the fate of innovation in the organization. I found this thought very interesting.  He says that most executives have reached the their current positions by cutting costs and improving productivity so they essentially and inherently believe in that. Managers on the other hand work on quarterly targets that are required to be met for everyone’s survival, but in case some managers come up with new ideas, weather or not they will pursue it depends on how they believe executives will receive their ideas.

It is ironical and hilarious that in most organizations though the executives keep talking about the importance of Innovation, but would not be receptive to ideas that come to them or will not show openness to receive new ideas.

I also agree with the blogger that most executives really do not know how to let innovation happen in the organization, and it is this fear sometimes that keeps them away from actually following their own mandate. So at a belied level, executives may not have the belief that innovation can work for organization and this belief would be transmitted to their managers by way of their treatment of new ideas presented to them.

This may be the first thing that organizations may want to tackle when they set out for an innovation journey.  Executives need to first work on their own belief and start the journey only when they have a strong belief that Organization needs Innovation. This belief then needs to be built in the system, so that an environment and eventually a culture of innovation is built, where anyone with idea can feel confident that if idea is worth taking forward it would be taken forward.



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