Innovation: Bucket from Used Tyres

Rural Innovations

Bucket made from used tyres…Image Courtesy: Hemant Abhyankar


I was in Jhabua, MP to attend a tribal festival and at that fair I saw various small innovations, or rather ways of using stuff that lives the principle of re-cycle, re-use and reduce.

This bucket was one of the things made from used tyres, that are usually discarded and are hardly considered useful for anything else. There were slippers and other footwear also made from the same rubber, and people were using them as regular items.

Is this not what we need to imbibe in our lifestyles?

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  1. This is amazing and it’s not the first time that we have seen such innovation in India. Ther’s a guy in bihar who made a machine that produces electricity with the use of Rice Husk.. Thanks for sharing

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