Innovation : An experiment

Organizations tend to look at Innovation as a process that is based on a theory which in turn in based on experiments done elsewhere in different environments. And what they expect at the end of it is a well defined result which can be in terms of a business benefit, generating a better top line or bottom line.
I think Innovation needs to be treated as an experiment or a series of experiment, that are done in  well defined boundaries and are conducted freely within these broad boundaries. An experiment lets you play on the go. It does not have to follow the set process to the T, rather it improvises as it goes and has a better probability of both leveraging creativity and delivering better suited results for the business.
Over the last 100 years or so since the time management was born and adopted as a discipline, our minds have been so well tuned to the process, that no sooner we want to do something, the first thing that we do is put in a process in place. Experiment with your creativity at the cost of processes and you may be amazed at the results.
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