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Last month I flew Malaysian Airlines from Hyderabad to KL and back. I also took domestic flights to fly back and forth between Kuala Lumpur and Terengganu. On my onward flight i.e. Hyd- KL flight, I was fiddling with the in-flight entertainment system, and it offered all that we expect like films in multiple languages, various genres of music shopping opportunities and the mandatory flight information. What was new though was a module on books, that means the books can be read on the panel. Incidentally they had only one book at the moment, but I am sure going forward they can have a small library of books to choose from. Most people carry books with them to read in flights and as much as we love books, they do weigh a lot. There is a small percentage of population that carries its e-book readers but most do not. As an avid reader,  I am looking forward to these libraries on-board. To get all the copyright free books can be first step in stocking these libraries. From a business perspective this can also be a tool for publishers to let the potential readers read a sample chapter and give them an option to buy if they like it.

Malaysian airlines is also one of the few airlines that connects its home country to various Indian cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad besides the two big cities Delhi & Mumbai.  This makes sense as all the three south Indian cities are actually physically closer to Malaysia and hence can have direct short flights operating between them. Kuala lumpur also acts as a hub for Indians flying to various cities of Australia.

At KLIA , we also got to enjoy the hospitality at the Golden Lounge of Malaysian Airlines that overlooks the open space with planes parked all over. I was happy to find enough vegetarian food, good Wi-Fi connection and comfortable seating to finish off my pending e-mails. They also had a few tablets and PCs that could be used in case you are not carrying your own computer. A thoughtful feature.

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