Ideation – Birth and Death of Ideas by DG & TB


Read a good book on Ideation some time back and thought of sharing the review.

Ideation – The Birth and Death of Ideas by Douglas Graham, Thomas Bachmann

Ideation - Birth and Death of Ideas by Douglas Graham, Thomas Bachmann  The book starts with defining what creative ideas are, and what are the typical personality traits of various creative people over the ages, furthermore it also provides pretty convincing examples, some popular and some revealing.

Register Your Ideas

In addition, Ideation then goes on to describe, how you should register your ideas with various registering agencies. Also, how you should develop the idea after registering, and when is that you should let go of it. And it advises the readers to make sure that their ideas reap benefits for them rather than, for someone else. Like many of the earlier innovators.

Legal Aspects

The book also provides a sneak preview into the legal aspects of idea patenting and trade secret protection. Furthermore, it goes on to describe the environment that corporates need to ensure the generation and nurturing of ideas. This can be achieved by ensuring that everyone involved in the idea development gets his/her due out of the benefits.  Moreover, it also guides about protecting the IP from ex-employees using legal frameworks, etc.

What I thought would be interesting is how to register your creative work (literature, sculpture, idea, design, etc…) with agencies to protect the IP and also to use the fact that your design/idea is registered to your advantage in your marketing campaigns.

PS: If you buy the book, you can register 3 ideas free of cost with them, seems like a good deal, but am not sure if that makes up for the cost of the book 🙂

You may buy the book Ideation The Birth and Death of Ideas by Douglas Graham & Thomas T Bachmann at Amazon.

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