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Quoting from FutureThink’s Innovation newsletter: 

Define Your Ideal Innovator

As you look to develop and grow your innovation team, take a few moments to define your ideal innovator. There is no one “type” that defines an innovator. Many are creative, flexible, collaborative, entrepreneurial, analytical, strong leaders, etc... However, the specific combination of skills that will make an innovator successful differs in each organization. It’s important to identify and prioritize what it takes to be a successful innovator in your own organization. What skills does someone on your innovation team need to have? What experiences? What mindset? 
Open up a blank document, and create a few different headings: Skills, Experience, Mindset, Education, Outlook, Interests, etc. Under each heading, jot down what your ideal innovator looks like. Once you’ve completed this quick exercise, you will have in front of you a wish list for your innovation team.

I think this is a good way to get clarity on the composition of the desired team for Innovation initiatives. It gives you broad parameters that you should have in mind while forming the team and while assessing the gaps in the team. At the next level you can think of at what stages do you need what skill and practically speaking you would need to get certain skills at certain stages of the initiative, and you may not need them always. 

Sharing this framework can also help them assess themselves for the given challenge. 

Think about it. 

Anuradha Goyal

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