IBM’s 5 Predictions for next 5 years

Dean Takahashi in his post at VentureBeat talks about IBMs 5 predictions for the coming 5 years on how the world is going to change, implying the changes you will have to make to your strategies to accommodate these. Here is my take on the 5 predictions:

  1. The classroom will learn you – Not just classroom, the big data that we willingly give to all digital platforms that we use every minute will know a lot more about us than we can about ourselves. An online grocer has a better handle of what you are consuming and what medical problems can hit you than your doctor can. 
  2. Buying local will beat online – I am not sure of this, but I hope that in the interest of the world people should start buying and consuming local products. 
  3. Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well – Big data that exist in disjointed databases at the moment will eventually get interlinked and the super data that would come out will be able to predict anything about you. When you know everything, you can help control and manage the gaps predicted by the data.
  4. A digital guardian will protect you online – This is a need that is fast emerging with multiple identities that we have to deal with online. So a solution, call it whatever will have to emerge. A predictive identity is what the author talks about, and it would be interesting to see if it can be made fool proof. 
  5. The city will help you live in it – I would liked some examples here. for example an online traffic feed can help divert traffic from congested areas, a daily traffic movement can help people decide where to live with respect to their work place. 

All in all, we know data is going to control and dictate our lives – the same data that we end up providing to various agencies.

Anuradha Goyal