Are you Insured?

Today in office, while in the middle of preparing a presentation, I got a call and this is how the conversation went:

Caller: Hi, is that Anuradha

I: Yes, it is

Caller: Hi Anuradha, this is Sandeep here (as if he is my long lost friend). You asked me to call you on Monday / Tuesday?

I: Sandeep, from?

Caller: MetLife Insurance

I: But I never asked you to call me

Caller: No, you did

I: I am sure I never did…

Caller: Ok (Hanged the phone)

The next minute my colleague who was working with me, got a similar call from another Insurance company. Needless to say we lost our concentration, and were pissed off like anything. Reminds me of another conversation that I had with some other insurance tele-marketer, apparently I had some time on hand that minute:

Caller: Ma’m, I am calling from so-n-so Insurance Company, do you have life insurance?

I: No, and I don’t need one

Caller: No Ma’m, you must have one.

I: Why?

Caller: If something happens to you, what will happen to your dependents?

I: I have no dependents

Caller: How is that possible? Your kids?

I: I am not married, and I don’t have kids.

Caller: (After some pause), you must be having parents?

I: Yes I have, but they are not dependent on me.

Caller: No Ma’m, if something happens to you, they must get some money.

I: They have enough money for themselves. They don’t need my money.

Caller: No M’am, you should still have Insurance.

I: Ok, give me a reason for having Insurance

Caller: No M’am, you should have it

I had to hang the phone, it looked like she was stuck on ‘No M’am, you should have it’

At the rate at which I get calls, I am sure I can put a figure to the business loss that these calls have caused me along with all the mental agony you have to go through dealing with those pathetic agents, who so not even understand what they are talking about.

One question to all these Insurance companies ‘Are you insured for the claim that I may put on you for disturbing me?’