How My Kindle Changed My Reading Habits!


I took a long time to buy my first Kindle. It was on that side of the debate where books were sacrosanct. You needed to hold it in your hand with your hands stretching to hold its width. You had to turn the page and feel each one of them. Of course, the smell of a new book in your hand is intoxicating even if the content of the book is not. The old books have their own flavor. I love the sight of bookshelves filled with books all around me. Who does not?

About 4 years back, I literally ran out of space to keep books. My travels increased and the airline luggage carrying limits went down. I decided to give Kindle a try. I ordered my Kindle Paperwhite for it promised no strain on the eyes. Downloaded a few books to acquaint me with the device. It did not take me long to get used to it.

My Library My Kindle

As you know, I travel a lot for IndiTales. It used to be a pain to carry more than one book during travels. The books weigh a lot. On long travels, I always had the fear that I would run out of books to read. With Kindle now I have 250 books that I travel with. As long as I have the internet connection, I can add as many books as I like.

My Kindle Paperwhite
My Kindle Paperwhite

It is more psychological perhaps, but it is a great satisfaction to know that a whole lot of my library is with me, and I can choose to read what I want.

I use a lot of references to my writing and this becomes really easy with books readily available on my Kindle.

Time saved with My Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite Goa Airport
At Goa Airport with my Kindle

Over years I have increased my reading by reading during all the time we waste while waiting. I have read outside the doctor’s clinic while waiting for my turn, in between multiple queues at airports, while waiting at Govt offices or just waiting for a meeting when people follow IST.

Apart from enhancing my reading, it helped me keep my cool. I did not detest wasting time because someone else was being inefficient. Even after waiting longer than I should have, I met people with a smile.

An extra advantage of Kindle is that not many people try to peep and see what you are reading that invariably happens with a paper book.

How My Kindle changed my Reading Habits!

Now I read 50% of my books on Kindle and still read 50% paper books. My mind now oscillates between two different reading forms.

When I read paper books, I miss the easy availability of the dictionary on a click or additional information from Wikipedia when I read about a new subject. I miss the fact that no matter how big or small the book, the weight on my hands is still just a few grams. Reading at night or in low light is impossible with paper books. While with kindle it is the most intimate way of reading when you can see nothing but the words on your Kindle screen.

I hate to write on my books or underline lines that I want to highlight. My Kindle lets me do that without any guilt. It lets me take notes when I have a thought in my mind, or if I have a question for the author, or something I want to mark for further reading.

Off late, I am not even worried about reading around water bodies. Yes, the new Kindle Oasis allows me to do that as well.

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When I read on Kindle, I miss turning the pages to look ahead. I know you can go ahead and read but somehow, I have never managed to do that. On Kindle, I miss looking at the cover page. You miss the nuances of the cover page as it is in black and white. You do not look at it as intently as you for a paper book.

Indian Language Books

For a long time, I waited for Kindle to launch the support for Hindi Books. Since a year or so, I am regularly reading Hindi books on my Kindle and totally enjoy reading them. What makes it more important is that Hindi or any other Indian languages books are not easily available if you live outside the Hindi Speaking belt or the language region. Kindle allows me instant access to these books through e-books.

Now, I am just waiting for a lot more books to be e-published in Hindi and other Indian Languages. Reading a Sanskrit book on Kindle would be a real dream come true.

Am I a convert?

I would say, yes. I prefer reading on Kindle. It is easy to handle than paper books. I am giving up a lot of my old paper books and replacing them with Kindle books. It is helping me manage space in my house while keeping books at my fingertips.

Some public libraries in India like Panaji Central Library have started lending Kindle Devices just like books. Go and try your hands before buying if you like.

Which Kindle to Buy?

Which Kindle Device to Buy?
Which Kindle Device to Buy?

The basic Kindle E-reader starts from Rs 5999/-. I have not personally used it, so can not really comment on this one.

Kindle Paperwhite is what I have used for almost 4 years now. Reading on this is like reading a paper book without the smudges on it. The battery life is great. It is light, easy to handle and perfect to carry along, easily slips into your sling bag. It is priced at Rs 10,999/-, but do keep an eye for deals and you might get it a bit cheaper.

Kindle Voyage is similar to Kindle Paperwhite but with additional features like the adaptive light. It is priced at Rs 16499/-

Latest Kindle Oasis is the highest end e-reader you can have. It has a curious asymmetric design with a metallic body and is water resistant. This version also comes with higher storage which means you can carry a lot more books with you. This one is priced at Rs 21,999/- but then you always have to pay higher for a luxury product.

For a rough and tough use, I would suggest Kindle Paperwhite and if you can afford it go for Kindle Oasis and pamper yourself.

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  1. Picking the lines from your article, I’m not a convert but a hybrid reader who picks either of them according to situation and sometimes prefer to have both. I always try ensure that I should also have ebook edition of those book which I also own as paperback (I wish we had Matchbook feature here in India too like AmazonUS and other). And yes, nothing could be a better travel companion for book lovers as the Kindle is.

    Like you, I too have a permanent pocket reserved for Kindle in my daily commuting bag. I may forget my charger, but not this!

      • Gift-an-ebook, Matchbook, Paperwhite with 8GB (Paperwhite on steroids!) etc are something we too would like to see. Former two will be here anytime soon as per gradual Amazon’s feature rollout record. Rest, its we Indian readers who must convince them with the demands and making them believe that here they too have great takers.

  2. Your review made me check Kindle Paperwhite – Had been meaning to but never was serious. And thanks for succinctly reviewing all the models with their prices. Surely helpful.
    On another note – a strange point – I stopped myself from buying Amazon Fire Stick – because I didn’t want to get sucked into the unlimited choices we have nowadays in movies and serials. I just fear, having the ease of downloading books with Paperwhite (enticing offers with it), won’t trigger a similar less-than-worthwhile books – at the slightest impulse. I don’t read much – just 2 – 3 per month. And I am currently happy with getting them as paperbacks. In the rare instance where it is a long delay (getting the abroad print paperback version, and the price too) I get the e-book, and read on my pc. Has that factor ever played – downsides of kindle to say?

  3. Nice article. Kindle really helps during travel. It has become my all time accompaniment, I beat blore traffic jams by reading in cabs and busses. The adjustable font size is a big advantage for reading while commuting which reduces the strain on the eyes which is not possible with books having small font sizes. Few more advantages are low price compared to physical book and it is immediately available for reading after purchase.

    • Absolutely agree with you Amit. I still do not read in the moving vehicle but I do read on flights and in the train. For me, I have run out of space in my library, so e-books is the way to go.

  4. Great review. Initially when I got my Paperwhite, the attraction was to be able to read (e)books on my long commute in dwindling evening light. Then I got hooked on totally and it fueled my (already existing) having of reading (parts of) multiple books (typically 6-7) in a single sitting. I still read a lot of paper books – lately courtesy my book exchange group – but Kindle is still an inseparable companion. Thanks.

    • Debashis – As you rightly say, Kindle is an acquired habit. I resisted it for a long time but eventually fell in love with it. I have a huge library at home, so at home I read paper books and while traveling it is kindle all the way.


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