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Publishers of Guru Sutra had approached me for a review of this book. I refused as I had no time on hand. They persisted and said – let it be in your library.  I gave in. The book arrived in a lovely cotton bag with Buddha on it. It sat on my ‘to-be-read’ shelf. I was not sure if I would read it. Few months down the line, one fine day, I felt the need of a Guru to guide me, and that is when I pulled it out to read.

Guru Sutra by Hingori

Guru Sutra turned out to be an easy book that talks about the relationship between a Guru and his disciple. Hingori the anonymous author of an anonymous spiritual organization, skillfully manages to keep everything anonymous while sharing some of the deepest secrets of a seeker’s life. Not an easy feat to achieve. Kudos to the author and his publishers for this. I must admit that I did try to google them a bit and could not find them.

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In a lifecycle mode, the author takes the reader from realizing a ‘need for the Guru’ in life to actually inheriting the lineage of Guru and becoming one. I loved his stages of the relationship with the Guru. The journey begins when you admire a Guru, to becoming a follower to becoming a devotee to becoming a disciple. The first three stages have not much to do with the interactions. You could be a follower or a devotee without any real engagement with the Guru. The last stage, however, is a bond where both the disciple and the Guru accept each other and make a commitment towards each other.

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Personal Anecdotes

Book is full of personal anecdotes of the author where he shares his own journey from being a skeptical cool guy to being a spiritual guru. What I liked is his honesty in sharing the pitfalls he faced on the way, the low periods where he really did not grow spiritually. He also shares the moments when he tested his Guru or vice versa. Guru obviously won every time.

I enjoyed the book in general, but specifically enjoyed the first part. In the second part, where spiritual warfare of different spiritual gurus and seekers are described. I found it a bit ironic and oxymoronic if I can say. He talks about attacks by rival Sadhu camps (though he uses milder words) or by practitioners of black magic and how he and his Guru used to block those attacks. To me, this sounded a bit misplaced in a place where spirituality should be ruling. However, I do understand that Siddhas at the beginning of their journey can misuse their powers. It would eventually restrict their growth. But maybe it is nature’s way of letting only the most worthy go up.

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Guru & Disciple

He talks in detail about the conduct of disciple and absolute surrender to the Guru. This can come in the form of never saying no to anything that your Guru asks you to do. Never questioning the Guru and his orders and always seeking the Guru Kripa. Thankfully, he talks about the growth of Guru too while he is helping the disciples grow.

The language and the flow of the book make it very easy to read. I would love to hear the author speak sometimes as he seems to be excellent at communicating. The book is organized and structured very well. The cover design is interesting with the feet of Guru at the center of your third eye. The multi-colored graphic on a white backdrop is interesting.

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If the world of Guru’s intrigues you, if you are looking for a Guru to guide you but unable to find one, if you have any questions about the Guru Shishya Parampara, a lot of your queries would get answered in this book. It would also prepare you for the ardent journey it is bound to be and the obstacles that this path entails.

If the subject interests you, read it.

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  1. Such a nice review about Guru Sutra book. Publishers of Guru Sutra had approached me for a review of this book. Really it was read so interesting. Thanks for sharing your information.


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