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Book Give Away : Ten Shades of LifeThis month’s Give Away is sponsored by Mahaveer Publications, and they are giving away 3 copies of the book : 10 Shades of Life

All you have to do is answer this simple Question in the comments section:

What shade or color would define the best moment in your life & why?

All the Best and look forward to the varied hues of your answers.

About the book:

In times when anthologies dwell on prosaic romantic accounts, Fablery presents ten shades of life. From a nail-biting thriller to a spine-chilling ghost story, an exquisite romance to an ingenious fantasy, an adventurous science-fiction to mirthful and remarkable experiences of salaried men, stories of heroes and philosophies of life-it attends to the preferences of all readers. When anthologies contain stories of one genre, after reading a couple of stories they get predictable and fail to keep a reader’s interest until the end, but a multi-genre book has something to offer to everyone and many things to one reader.

The writing styles of all the writers whose stories are included in this book are grand and the plots so engaging that they will force you to read another page and one another before you finally close the book. The stories will take you on a roller coaster between reality and fiction. Miss Cheyenne Mitchell, Monika Pant, Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan, Shankar Raman A, Bruce Memblatt, Karthik L, Reshmy Pillai, Deepa Duraisamy, Vinaya Swapnil Bhagat and Rahul Biswas-all of them have been writing since ages and they write brilliantly. Fablery wouldn’t have found better stories for its first anthology.


You must respond with your address in 7 days time after the results are announced.

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Update: Results of the Give-Away chosen by the sponsors

  1. Afshan Shaik n her black Color
  2. Priya Roy and her Shades of Blue
  3. Sonika Bakshi’s Green

Please e-mail your postal addresses with phone numbers to [email protected] asap.

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  1. I am an aspiring author, hence the best moment of my hitherto life came exactly two years ago when my poem won the third prize in a prestigious contest. I believe I am a person very ‘blue’ at heart. All my emotions ranging from the negative to affirmative are various hues of blue. No other colour has an equal influence on me as blue does. At my best moment when I won the award, my entire inside was washed in a pure blue similar to a clear sparkling blue autumn sky.

    ~ PRB

    My FB id: priyaroy28
    My Twitter id: @priyaroy28

  2. I think Pink would define the moment my baby daughter was born,I felt so beautiful and feminine and when I saw her rosy cheeks and tightly closed palms I redefined beauty !

  3. WHITE…like blank noise where there is so much violence happening every where around,are we going back to before civilizations !

  4. Yellow! It is the color of brightness and everything beautiful and sunny in a my life, I would associate my little successes to it. It is the color of reason, optimism and pleasure, and nicety. After finishing law exams and having a few months of holidays to look forward to, it perfectly defines my life right now, which is pleasantly BRIGHT (:

    Fb ID- [email protected]
    Twiiter ID- @dhaaaru

  5. At this moment, after a day’s work, I’m browsing the multitudes of posts of my friends and groups on Facebook while listening to the musical genius, Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar, singing a rather rare raaga that I’ve never heard before. The diversity of the posts and the brilliance of Kesarbai’s taans both bring about a spectrum of changing colours in my mind– they rejuvenate my tired mind completely. So no one colour or shade, but a changing spectrum of them. Do I still qualify? 🙂

  6. For me its actually black on anything white or alike. I like to apply the black koel in my eyes that makes me look fair. And my long hair that complements my fair skin..I have a flair for writing and reading and this is the world where everything is in black and white. The alphabets and the letters are all in black inscribed on the white papers.

  7. Shades, Hue? Well, it cannot be one color then. So here it goes. Red, blue and yellow
    Red I associate with my childhood. When I loved the fire in me. Blue is for my motherhood, when I loved the immese skylike love residing in me for my kids. And Yellow is for my old age, hoping to reach the serenity it depicts. These colors I associate with my being a Women.

  8. Green is the color as it reminds me of my hometown-Guwahati. Since morning until now, I am on an imaginary journey to Assam, the place where I was born. The journey from the airport via Azara is laced with greenery and sublime natural beauty.. I’m green all over at the moment.

  9. Black is my color. Its royal and it makes me look confident some color. Black is the graduation robe color. Black makes people look slimmer and black looks amazing when blended with many other colors. Black and white is a hit combination when it comes to dresses! Black though is a mourning color and used as a symbol to show sad happenings I like black because the color seems so true. I would love to see the black to be replaced by white when it represents the gloom but during all other times Black. Black for Kaajal , black dresses , black eye liner, jet black hair, round black eye balls , black forrest cake and what not. Black it is for me 🙂


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