Gary Hamel on Organizations for Humans

Gary Hamel talks about organizations that are fit for humans in his video at Managament Innovation Exchange. 
I have always liked Gary’s work, specially when talks about Innovation. Though I do not agree completely with what he says about humanizing organizations, I do agree that we need to go back to being human. The age of industrialization tended to make humans into machines, where they would come out with a predictable output, almost killing their creativity. Now the world is not necessarily getting de-industrialized, but there is an emergence of more democratic spaces both for creativity and for its expression. Spaces like internet are as democratic as you can expect it to be. We do not know about tomorrow if it also get monopolized by the large or powerful organizations, but as of today it provides an almost equal opportunities to those who have access to it. 
Not sure how much the established organization work towards making their work places good for human creativity, and even if they do, how much time will it take for them to really achieve it. But go and experiment with your own creativity and express it.
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