Fast Innovation

Scott Anthony in his HBR blog Five Ways to Innovate Faster gives five quick clues to large organizations that can help them to innovate faster. In a way, he is pointing out the pitfalls that do not let startup like innovation environment flourish in large organizations. I agree with almost everything they say. he very rightly points out that teams in large organizations end up spending more time in preparing reports for the management than spending time with the customer in the field. The need to justify their work keeps them limited to secondary research or desk-based research that can be far from the real customer. The distance between the solution designers and the real customer will leave its imprint in the solution as well. Large teams lead to complexity of management and reporting while small teams come with flexibility and agility. Having some people with experience in managing the startups is a big plus that you can bring to the team.

Measuring learning is a challenge and author needs to elaborate how to do that, as there are not many objective ways to do so. Similarly, risk reduction can be subjective in a lot of contexts and may be used to their advantage by those who know how to play with the data.

Do try his litmus test to see if your team is spending time on the time things.

Anuradha Goyal