Fast Company’s Most Innovative

Fast company’s 2012 World’s 50 Most Innovative companies list is out.

I wonder if it is world’s most innovative list of America’s most innovative. I see a few Indian and Chinese companies, most of the other seem to be the US or let’s say western world based. Are we saying more than 90% innovation is still happening in the western world or does the western world continue to be ignorant of what is happening in the rest of the world?

I like the presentation though – a small tag line telling you why the company is innovative, a click on the name takes you to the detailed story and for the top four companies, you can choose your own rating. There is an archive of the last 3 years for you to refer and see how the companies are doing. You can also see them by industry if you are not too bothered about others. Incidentally, two industries are India and China, and you can top 10 innovative companies in there, and there are companies besides those listed in Top 50. What happened to Israeli companies or from other countries around the world.

But then they say ‘My definition of world is what I can see’



Anuradha Goyal

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  1. Hi There Anuradha,
    Thanks for that, It seems they’re not able to keep up with a fast-changing market. Are they unable to be innovative fast enough? Is it impossible to get the cars from concept to market quickly?
    All the Best

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