Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


A beautiful piece on the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how it is evolving in from Innosights’s Strategy & Innovations newsletter titled Six Lessons for Corporations Building Innovations.

While authors talk about how the big organizations ought to leverage the entrepreneurial talent and resources in their systems, what I picked was the way the ecosystem, powered by the immense connectivity is creating a community of entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, investors and support groups that bring in help like mentors. Social networks on entrepreneurs are helping them come together to work out common problems, to learn from each other and to create and use a common pool of resources. I remember long time back someone told me that Other startup entrepreneurs are an entrepreneurs best friends. As you go through the same pain points, you understand the other person and hence are more willing to help.

I honestly do not know if large organizations can ever have a startup culture, the same energy levels and commitments, but for the startups this makes an excellent reading

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