Earth Hour – a Climate change initiative


Earth Hour by WWFEarth Hour has been making news for a few years now. Encouraging us to switch off lights at a given hour every year for an hour- that is exactly what is called Earth Hour.

I have been reading books on ecology like Ecology & Equity by Ramchandra Guha and Madhav Gadgil or Churning the Earth by Aseem Srivastava and Ashish Kothari or Green Wars by Bahar Dutt and Dar Dar Gange by Abhay Mishra and Pankaj Ramendu. All these books tell me how what we are doing to the earth by taking non-renewable resources is shifting the balance of elements on earth in such a way that the earth may not be suitable for Homo Sapiens for a long time.

‘Save the Earth’ is a common phrase. But my interpretation is that ‘Earth will survive with or without us’, but we human beings may not survive unless a certain climatic range is maintained on the earth.

So what does Earth Hour do?

While you think, let me share what initiatives like Earth Hour are doing. Earth Hour is a non-profit organization under WWF. And has been running since 2007. They are headquartered in Singapore but have a pretty much global team that is working on creating a tangible change in the world. They partner with various corporate houses to drive home this change. Check out their website for more details.

This year they are collaborating with DU group for the 10th time to support of Earth Hour and C-Plan environmental awareness campaign. This year they are extending their campaign to the digital realm to drive home the point. DU Group have hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Together with WWF they want to engage individuals to create exponential change with a strong climate story. DU group has launched the H5 game to engage users & create social buzz to raise awareness. Through this game they are inviting users to switch off lights on famous monuments in the world like Eiffel Tower. To understand the concept watch this video.

When I was reading the website of Earth Hour and exploring this H5 game, I realized that even the climate change initiatives are slowly moving away from the pages of the books to our mobile phone screens.

This post has been written in collaboration with DU Group. 

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