Disney Method of Brainstorming

Paul Sloane in his latest newsletter talks about Disney Method for Brainstorming, which is a variation of 6 thinking hats technique of Edward De Bono. It is a 4 step process instead of De Bono’s 6 step.
Four steps are:
  1. Spectator’s View
  2. Dreamer’s View
  3. Relaizer’s View
  4. Critic’s View
You look at the problem from these 4 perspectives and then reach a potential solution.
He argues that this is a more productive method than 6 thinking hats as it not only generates ideas, but also helps you evaluate the ideas. I like the spectator’s part as most of the times we tend to see the problem from our perspective, and we fail to see it from outsider’s perspective say that of out customers, our sales force or our consultants. If we can see the problems from their point of view, we would have a more rounded view of the problem and the solutions would reflect that. After all solutions come out of the right definition of the problem.
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