Discovering the Sea Route to India by Hari Joshi


Discovering the Sea Route to India by Hari Joshi
Hari, the author of this book Discovering the Sea Route to India, is a good friend of mine. I knew the intention behind writing this book. Hence could appreciate it much better than readers who do not know Hari. The book was written with the intent to introduce history to the young minds in an interesting way. And give them the dream to explore like ‘Vasco da Gama’. Hari has appropriately dedicated the book Discovering the Sea Route to India, to Individuals who want to explore at any cost and above anything else in the world.

Discovering the Sea Route to India

The book talks about how Portuguese sailors, who were obsessed with sea and were always looking for discovering new lands via the sea routes, sometimes for economic and political reasons. And some time for their quest for exploration, set their eyes on discovering India. Now we all know that Vasco D Gama was the first Portuguese to set foot in India in Calicut in late 15th Century. But this book tells you about the ‘Bartolomeu Dias’, who was actually the first sailor who wanted to reach India and had discovered most of the route to India. Bartolomeu had to return home when on the way most of his sailors started feeling homesick. And Bartolomeu was kind enough to realize their pain.

Next time Vasco da Gama was chosen to lead the expedition to India, as he was considered a better (read cruel) leader. Who would put his ambition above everyone else and not necessarily a better sailor? Bartolomeu shares all his knowledge with Gama. And helped him build the two ships that were to be taken to India. All this while he knew Gama is going to replace him in the history books. And he is the one who actually deserves that place.

Another fact that at least I did not know was the fact that though Gama landed in Calicut, he was unsuccessful in doing any trade with the King of Calicut, which was one of the prime reasons for him to discover the Sea route to India.

Book Availability

This book may not be very readily available in bookstores. But in case you are interested in reading, you can reach Hari at [email protected] or call him at 98863 73048. Alternatively, you can contact me also for getting the book. It is priced at Rs 100/- and half of this money goes to charity organization ‘Dream a Dream’.

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