Synchro Destiny by Deepak Chopra


Synchro Destiny, another book by Deepak Chopra. I admire the way he puts forth the simple principles of Hinduism for the western audience in this book. Furthermore, the author presents the principles in such a way that they seem almost like his own principles. He does give credit to Vedanta though, off and on for the principles in Synchro Destiny.

Synchro Destiny is about putting your individual intentions in sync with the universal intentions. And let the universe help you achieve them. This is exactly what Paulo Coelho tried to convey in his book ‘Alchemist’. Coelho had written his book as a childhood fairy tale, using a shepherd boy as protagonist. While Chopra being a doctor by profession takes a more scientific approach towards the subject. Deepak Chopra has by virtue of being Hindu, picked up the more practical approach as suggested by our Vedas. Coelho’s book kind of introduces you to the concept of making things happen by merely having a deep and strong intent for them to happen. Chopra on-the-other-hand goes on to explain how you can do it and almost presents a practical guidebook to attain the same.

Atma & Paramatma

The basic concept of the book is the concept of ‘Atma & Paramatma’ (Soul & God). Those of us who understand these terms know that Atma is a part of Paramatma. All of us and everything in this universe belongs to the same Paramatma. And hence, we all belong to each other and are a part of each other. During my course on Philosophy of Physics, I had read a similar concept in the Western world during the early evolutionary part of Classical Physics. This theory is called ‘theory of whole and parts’, which is essentially the same as the theory of ‘Atma and Paramatma’.

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Synchro Destiny by Deepak Chopra

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