Declaration of Innovation

Paul Sloane talks about this Declaration of Innovation in his latest newsletter.

I think this is what all leaders who want their organizations to be innovative need to do. Not just talk about innovation, but make it relevant to every employee’s job. Talk in specifics so that people at every level in the organization can relate to it.  Make it a goal that the organization runs after. Ask for a innovative solutions for known problems, for unexplored opportunities but make it specific so that people understand what is expected of them. It also creates something that can be seen and may be measured.
Commitment is another big difference maker. the moment people sense a commitment from the leader they take the idea seriously, because they feel comfortable that their efforts would be taken care of and not wasted in ‘just another good to seen doing’ initiative. Here again commitment has to be communicate through actions more than the words. And the most important resource that a leader can commit is his own time to the initiative, everything else then will follow with a flow.

Anuradha Goyal