The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown


I read this book The Da Vinci Code over this weekend. Probably about 2-3 years later than most people would have read it. I owned the illustrated edition for almost 2 years now. But for some reason could never pick it up from the shelf and read it. Maybe because I had read ‘Angels and Demons’. And from all the conversations about it, I could make out that the story may not be very different.

Anyway, I read it almost in one go and after the second half found it quite boring. I almost found myself saying, ‘Come on decipher that code fast, don’t create more drama.’ But at the same time, I wanted to see that code deciphered and figure out finally where it leads to. I did a bit of search on the internet to figure out how much of what is mentioned in the book is true as my knowledge of Christianity is very limited. But what is interesting about the book The Da Vinci Code is the fact that it takes you to the topics which you may have heard or read sometime somewhere. But may not have delved deep into.

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

It gave me a good peep into the world of ancient symbols, cryptology, French architecture. An inside view of Louvre and lots of insights into the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. The famous paintings when explained interpreted and searched for secret symbols actually make an interesting reading. From what I gather from the various claims on the net, the interpretations given may not be true. And the whole claim of church suppressing the feminine God is supposedly false. The book begins by saying that the secret society mentioned in the book actually existed. And was formed in the 11th century. While there are claims that such a society was actually formed only in mid 20th century. While there would always be views on what and who is right, for the non-Christians it gives quite some insight into the religion and its potential history.

I am assuming most people would have read The Da Vinci Code as it is the 13th most sold book in the history of books. So everyone must have their views on it.

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  1. Finally! 🙂 Which one did you like more? I liked the ‘action’ in Angels and Demons more to my liking, even though I read it after The Da Vinci Code.

  2. I read that book on the 24th Dec, 2004. There used to be a church behind the apartment and its bells clang, somewhere around midnight when I was completing the book :-).
    Well, that is one problem with Dan Brown’s books. He starts nicely but towards the end, it stretches and stretches and becomes quite predictable.

  3. This is one book which was blown out of proportion because of sensationalism . It was fun to read. But it took a bad taste once it was looked at from an extra-fictional point of view.


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