Choose the people who surround you

Paul Salone in his article on “Who challenges your thinking?”, suggests that you go out and meet as many different types of people as you can and learn from them.

He also advises being careful of the kind of people you spend the most time with as they tend to influence your thoughts and behavior. I totally agree with this.

In fact, when I teach/train at corporates, I always ask people who do you go out for lunch and coffee with during your breaks and the answer is invariably the person I work with or the person who sits next to me. I suggest that you go out for lunch on a regular basis with people from other departments, even if you do not have any direct work relationship with them and this would give you insight into how they work and what they do besides building your network within the organization.

Talking to people who are not like you, either by way of culture, ethnicity or by way of profession, age, gender, class, society, location widens your perspective more than anything else. So go out and explore the opportunity that each individual offers you. And choose to surround yourself with the ones who challenge you and help you grow.

Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha is an Author, Traveler, Bibliophile, Art History Student, Innovation Consultant and an Avid Blogger.

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