Can technology help us reduce consumption?

Sanjay Dalal applauds President Obama’s drive to make more fuel efficient cars and tells us about a program that would help American’s save $2 Trillion.

My question to Sanjay and if possible to Mr. Obama is : Do you think you can take care of the ecological problems and hence lot of financial problems by pumping more money into discovering new consumer objects while not knowing what to do with the ones that already exist?

Can you work on reducing consumption – by way of providing better public transport or encouraging car pools or encouraging local consumption, rather than encouraging consumption and then within it looking ways to reduce the usage of one particular item?

Can you invest in technology that helps us reduce the overall consumption and not just the consumption of depleting resources, because today it is one item that we know is depleting, tomorrow it will be another? Then, would you change the whole paradigm and create programs centered on those products. Think holistically and beyond just your career shelf life or your generation.

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