Innovating Women – A crowdsourced and crowdfunded book

Singularity University has launched an initiative to come out with a book on Innovating Women – Past, Present & Future that will be both Crowd Funded and Crowd Soutced. Here is the a small video explaining the concept:

From the press release:

Singularity University (SU) today launched Innovating Women: Past, Present, and Future — an Indiegogo campaign to crowd-create a book featuring research, stories and perspectives about women’s global participation in the innovation economy. Funding for Innovating Women will be raised via Indiegogo, an international crowd-funding platform. All funds raised in excess of operational costs and all proceeds from book sales will go toward Singularity University’s initiatives to sponsor women to learn about advancing technologies and to support women-led startups in the SU Labs accelerator.

You can participate by contributing funds or by contributing stories.

The other side of Innovation by Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan talks about his new book ‘Other side of Innovation‘ and how it talks about the 99% perspiration that Edison once spoke about. 
I liked his analogy of climbing a mountain, where he equates ideation to climbing the mountain which has challenges and excitement, and execution to coming down the mountain, which has many dangers involved and is not as glamourous as climbing. But the completion of the task depends equally on how well you come down the mountain.