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The Courage To Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

The Courage To Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga

The courage to be disliked appeared on my Twitter timeline sometime ago. A quick look online told me it is one of the bestselling...
On Creativity by Sudhir Kakar

On Creativity by Sudhir Kakar & Gunter Blamberger

As a student of Innovation, creativity and the psychology behind it have been a subject of interest for me. Who better than Sudhir Kakar...
Death and Dying Edited by Sudhir Kakar

Death and Dying Edited by Sudhir Kakar

Death - a reality that we know nothing about. We all would get there, someday, that is all we know. None of us have...

Games People Play The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne

“The more disturbed you are, the more games you play”. Well, they are games of a different kind. And the author describes them as...

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl

What can one say about the book Man’s Search for Meaning, that is a cult in itself? That talks about an experience that most of...

The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar

'We are all but a product of our choices’, is something that we all have heard sometime somewhere. We usually agree with it. But...

The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki

The title of the book The Wisdom of Crowds is interesting enough for you to pick up the book. And try to get insights...

Committed: Edited by Chris Knutsen & David Kuhn

I had picked up this book Committed sometime in 2006. And by now I had almost forgotten what made me buy this book. The...

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

This book A Whole New Mind was recommended to me for some work-related reading. Otherwise, probably I would have never picked up this book....

Relationships: Applications for Living by Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is the famous author of ‘Conversations with God’. In this book Relationships: Applications for Living, he talks about human relationships. And...

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