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Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

Review – Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi

Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi is the second book that I read of the author. I quite liked his first book that was about boys...
Find_Love.com by Neeta Iyer

Find_Love.com by Neeta Iyer – Book Review

Find_Love.com is like Love in the times of Dot Coms. What matrimonial websites have done to the groom and bride hunting is that it...
My Way is the Highway by Urvashi Gulia

My Way is the Highway by Urvashi Gulia

I expected this book My Way is the Highway to be travel adventure of a solo girl. Who has the guts to leave her...
Difficult Pleasures by Anjum Hasan

Difficult Pleasures by Anjum Hasan

Anjum Hasan’s writing is something that grows slowly on you. For the first couple of stories in Difficult Pleasures, I could not make out...
Chapter Eleven by Amit Shankar

Chapter Eleven by Amit Shankar – Book Review

Chapter Eleven is a breezy story that travels from Udaipur to Gurgaon. And looks at the behind the scenes corruption in the Corporate world....

Love on the Rocks by Ismita Tandon Dhanker

Having read a couple of books from the Metro reads series by Penguin, I slot them under fast-paced reads. Which show a certain aspect...

Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding by Bhavna Rai

I had been reading a lot of history and art lately. And as a break from the heavy stuff I picked up this book...

With or Without You by Partha Sarathi Basu

With or Without You is the second book in the Metro read series that I have read. And I think this series is creating...

Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam

The biographies of all great artists would tell you that they could pursue their creativity only because someone else was shouldering all the burdens...

My Friend Sancho by Amit Varma

Chetan Bhagat has sure inspired a whole generation of writers to write. And in some cases, they have taken forward his legacy to the...

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