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All In Kushal M Shah
This month’s Book GiveAway is sponsored by author Kushal M Shah who is giving away 5 copies of his book ‘All In’. A white collar crime novel in the backdrop of Money Laundering and Terrorism Finance has recently been published by, Chennai. What more – Copies will be signed by the author.

All you have to do is creatively answer this Question in the comments section below:

Where do you think terrorists get money from to buy their arms and ammunition?

About the Book:

All In is a white collar crime fiction in the backdrop of Money Laundering and Terrorism Finance. Rahul Shah, a young and ambitious lawyer, who has recently joined his third-generation family law firm Shah & Shah Associates, finds himself and his firm in the middle of an international controversy surrounding the Oil-for-Food program sponsored by the United Nations. He gets involved deeper into the controversy when Nishant Gupta of Veole International Limited, one of his key clients, is arrested by a joint team of the Interpol, the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate of the Government of India.

Due to his increasing personal friendship with Nishant Gupta, he believes that Nishant is innocent. When he decides to investigate the matter on his own, his quest for the truth takes him right in the middle of a terrorist group. Despite his efforts to prove Nishant innocent, he hardly finds any evidence. Instead, he finds himself as a target for one of the most lethal terrorist groups in the world.

All In takes you through a journey of how an internationally reputed humanitarian program launched by the United Nations became one of the biggest international scandals. And was used by Saddam Hussain led terrorist groups to finance their operations. And how a young lawyer from India helps unearth the origins of the scandal.

About the Author

Kushal is a new author, business leader, management coach and a financial strategist. With wide-ranging experience in Finance, Economics, Decision Sciences and Outsourcing Strategies. Over last 14 years, Kushal has helped globally reputed banking, financial services, insurance and e-commerce companies in improving their financial performance. And restructuring their balance sheets through applications of decisions sciences.

During his career, he has coached hundreds of management students. And junior professionals aspiring to be business leaders or specialists in niche areas of applied finance and decision sciences. He has successfully transformed careers of many young professionals by helping them design their long-term career paths. And developing a positive attitude for promoting innovations in management science.

He is also associated with education and healthcare charities in India. Providing them honorary advisory for sustainability, scalability and financial planning. “All In” is his debut in fiction and creative writing, one of his key areas of interest since his early days.

Apart from writing, he enjoys traveling, driving and golfing. He lives in Bangalore (India) with his wife Kajal and twin sons Maneet and Maanit.

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  1. my answer-
    from white collared terorists ie., peaceful, non violent citizens who r politicians, lawyers, activists,et. al, who unknowingly directly or indirectly swim in the sea of poppies many of whom r not aware that they r a part of the opium supply chain management process.
    best wishes 4 a n opium free day 2 all…….. if u dont drink even tea or caffeine contents , the author and the reviewer included.

    • Illegal Narcotics Trade, Human Trafficking, Sex trade, Illegal Migrations to Arabic countries, exploiting the poor of the poorest eg. Kasab in 26/11 attack on Mumbai . All of this is prevalent in under developed countries /third world countries ,whether it is opium trade in Punjab or Boko Haram trading of young girls .

  2. they sell drugs. Awful lot of people they are!
    Kidnapping kids and demand a ransom. Got no other job to do I guess.-_-
    Residing illegally. not paying taxes. Lots of money. They buy ammunition and kill people. Bombs explode. Bam! People dead .
    The terrorists should be given a death penalty instantly though

  3. Terrorists obtain their money in various ways. Kidnapping has been a successful method of gaining funds . The sale of drugs has been another way to raise needed funds. In many ways terrorism works just like a business, and a costly one – the organization needs arms, supplies, and each recruit needs to be fed and equipped. like this they collect the fund and buy the arms n ammunitions fa themselves.

  4. How terrorists get funded to buy weapons has always been a speculation, which in all probability, correct according to me. Illegal drug trade, human trafficking, kidnapping, illegal sale of explosive .. To name a few, but these run into a few millions. The main idea we get from the way they operate is that, they keep governments on ransom, like protection money. It sounds like the whole ‘you save us and we spare you’ case. Its once again a speculation doesn’t target any specific country.

  5. There is no one answer.
    Could be drugs (Afghanistan, parts of Latin America), diamond smuggling (Africa), ransom from hijacking (eg the one during the Vajpayee Govt) or high profile kidnapping (Greece, Italy), money from White Collar crimes (allegations against business empires, the mafioso in Italy, previously in the US).
    However in my opinion the biggest source are nations: the CIA [and hence the US government) for example has funded and armed a lot of “rebel” groups that later went out of control and became terrorists (CIA in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Latin America etc, and probably more are coming up in the wake of the churning in the West Asia and North Africa), Saudi Arabia (across the world, probably in India as well), Russia (Ukraine), Pakistan (India, Afghanistan), both Israel and Palastine/PLO etc. Depending on the definition of the word, and one’s perspective of justification, even India funded and armed both the Mukti Bahini in erstwhile East Pakistan and the LTTE in Sri Lanka, and is routinely accused of fermenting trouble in Balochistan.


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