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This month’s Give Away is sponsored by Nivasini Publishers. It is an anthology on Family Matters. There are 3 copies up for grabs and all you have to do is creatively answer this

Question: What was that one movie you watched with your family that left you very emotional?

About the book:  Family matters individually, socially and politically. Our most important relationships begin, run their harmonious or inharmonious race and end in the family. They may explain our deepest feelings, wildest dreams, or most unsettling nightmares. In the final analysis, family relations often make or break our personalities, partnerships or careers. Literature in all its subjectivity can open up unique emotions as well as rational passages to the family affairs of different cultures, thus enabling us to understand ourselves and others much better. Hence we bring 48 pieces of poetry and prose on this subject from various countries.
Authors: Authors and poets who are part of this anthology hail from nine different countries. From surgeons, , soldiers, columnists, poets, diplomats,  to home makers, teachers, students, bloggers, students, we have people from different back ground who present their views on families and it’s influence.


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Winners Update:
Rachit Aggarwal
Patel Ram Krishna Krishna Reddy

Congratulations and please send your addresses to anureviews@gmail

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  1. Hum Aapke hai Kaun is the one of the movie that left me emotional for many days and even years. And even today, whenever I watch this movie, I become quite emotional.

    It is because it is the only movie which I watched with my complete family including parents and grandparents in the theater some 19 years ago.

    And when I watch this movie today, the scene of my family watching the movie and me sitting in my father’s lap flashes in mind.

    Rachit Aggarwal

  2. Sithamma vakitlo sirimalle chettu , a wonderful telugu movie which my family enjoyed most in recent times. A good story with a family which struggles to retain family values in modern fast pacing days

  3. The sad part is that although I remember this film vividly, I’d do not remember it’s name. It was an Asian film, possibly Japanese, about this little girl who is unable to be around her grandparents after they have a fight with her parents and move to the house next door. Remember watching it on DD as a child, and it was the first movie that made me cry. I still hope to find it again someday.


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