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Baramulla Bomber E BookThis month’s Book Give Away is sponsored by author Suraj Clark Prasad. He is giving away 3 copies of his just released book Baramulla Bomber.

All you have to do is creatively answer this question:

Which Sci Fi movie would you want to be made in Bollywood and who would be play the lead character?

About the Book

Genre: Techno Mythological Thriller

Family: Speculative Fiction
Tag Line: Quantum Physics meets Bible and Vedas in Background of Kashmir and Cricket
An Ancient Weapon From The Vedas & Bible
Once Hunted By The Nazis
Powered By The Sound Of The Universe
Reborn With Help Of Quantum Physics
Going To Be Unleashed On To The World
And Kashmir Holds Its Secret
More than a billion people are praying for India’s new fast pace bowler Mansur Haider from Kashmir to succeed. One politician is making sure the Indian subcontinent is at peace while another is trying to get forgiveness from his nation. One Swedish intelligence officer is trying to decode a puzzle by a fanatic who is making one last ditch attempt to bring chaos to the world. And all of them are connected to Mansur Haider and Kashmir. As a result a secret will be revealed.
With a plot that revolves around Kashmir, Pakistan, China, cricket, ancient secret societies, and espionage. Baramulla Bomber is one heady cocktail that will make for page turning reading and introspection. Baramulla Bomber is book eka (one) of Svastik Trilogy, a trilogy which looks into the origins of universe, Vedas and the destiny of human race.

Written by Clark Prasad, alter ego of Suraj Prasad; alumnus from IIM Kozhikode. A pharmacist with a management degree who believes in conspiracy theories, Baramulla Bomber is his first book. His first education o he mysteries of the universe came via Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, and since then he never looked back on reading, watching and discussing about the universe. He grew up during the cold war days with BBC radio was one of his mysterious companions as a kid, when his father played the news regularly every day. World War II news and documentaries on CIA-KGB tussle kept him engaged that time.


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Update 16-Sep-2013 – Winners


Praveen K

Arun K Hariharan

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  1. Back to the Future with Ranbir Kapoor since he has that freshness that Michael J Fox had at the time. Bowman Irani can be Dr. Brown, but he would need to tone down his comedy a little and make it more classy. @raghavmodi on twitter

  2. Avatar!! It would great if “Avatar” movie can be made into Bollywood but not as a scifi movie, instead as a regular movie. At this point our government is working with industrialists to throw the tribals out of their land and hand it over to industries to mine and make money. I cannot think of anyone other than “Amir Khan” to act as the lead character “Jack Sully”, actress should be “Nandita das” who should takeup the character as daughter of tribal leader. I strongly think its an important story to tell our generation.

  3. The Matrix trilogy with Hrithik Roshan as NEO ‘The one’, Priyanka Chopra as Trinity, Anupam Kher as Morpheus and Amitabh Bachchan as agent Smith.


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