Artists for Innovators

Tim Leberetcht in his MIX article What Innovators can learn from Artists talks extensively about the aspects of artists that are essential for innovators and why. It is a must read for those who think Art has nothing to do with Innovation or Art and Science are two different things or for that matter Business and Art are not related.

He starts by sharing quotes like

Good business is the best Art

Artists will emerge as the new business leaders

Reading is the most important task of any leader

He then defines 12 traits of artists that innovators need to emulate. He says artists are Neophiles i.e. they love novelty, humanists and craftspeople. By nature they are child like, intuitive and comfortable with ambiguity and are good storytellers. They work within constraints, work across disciplines and are driven by passion.

I certainly agree with all that Tim says. Next question is how do we integrate the world of artists, innovators and business? How does an organization


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