Arguing with Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel: Are you really serious about innovation?


Garmy Hamel is one of the few management thinkers who I admire. In this MIX video he talks about what organizations need to do to be innovative all the time and make innovation a ongoing activity. He is talking about innovating ‘how to innovate’ in organizations.

I am tending to believe that by putting too much focus on training , we are ignoring the innate ability of the human beings to think and innovate. I think most employees in big organizations cease to innovate because they have been trained to do only what they have been trained to and not think beyond, and they have been made to believe concepts like best practices as sacrosanct and established thinkers as demi Gods. All this put together tells them subconsciously not to think and just follow the herd. When they start doing that another thinker comes and says let me train you on thinking new things. It is not only unfair to them but also detrimental to organizations’ long term interests.

Allow sometime for the employees to be themselves, just create an environment where new thoughts are received and channelled and the rest will follow. Respect the thinking powers that nature has bestowed upon all of us.

Anuradha Goyal