Anureviews Makes it to Limca Book of Records !

Anureviews National record
Anureviews in Limca Book of Records

This year in the 25th edition of India’s premier record book Limca Book of Records, this blog found a place as a record holder. I take this moment to look back at a very special relationship that I have shared with the book and the people behind the book.

25 years back, when I was still in school, I remember looking at the Limca Book of Records (LBR) at a bookshop in Chandigarh, behind a glass window. Something happened to me, I wanted to be a part of that book. I had no idea – how, but there was a strong urge to be a part of the book. After that, every time I visited bookshops I browsed the book and in my mind wished that one day I would make a record and be there. What record – I had no clue. I made no effort whatsoever for any records that could lead me there but the thought or rather a wish always remained there. I guess I am not being too different here, many school going kids would have had the same urge.

15 years back I started working for Coca-Cola India and a corner of the plush corporate office belonged to the LBR team, headed by Viji – Mrs Vijaya Ghose. I was excited to say the least and I happily walked up to them and started talking. I wanted to ask them all about how they get to know records, how they verify them and how the whole publishing thing works. Viji became a mother figure in my life, whom I always looked up to. She would work tirelessly for long hours and would still be smiling every time I went and spoke to her. We started talking many things and became friends. I helped them a bit with technology as a part of my work assignment.