Angels & Demons by Dan Brown


The Vinci Code by Dan Brown had been with me for quite some time now. But somehow I have not read it. And then I happened to buy this illustrated edition of Angels & Demons. More for the interesting illustrations it carried. Started reading it last week and there are layers on which this book by Dan Brown can be reviewed.

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

The knowledge that it gives you about Vatican City, Rome, its architecture, the works of Michelangelo, Bernini, and the brotherhoods like the Illuminati. At times you actually get lost between fact and fiction. No doubt you now have books describing what fact is and what fiction in Brown’s books is. I had little knowledge about the laws of Vatican City. And how they elected their new pope and facts like Devil’s Advocate. This book Angels & Demons tells you a lot of history without you actually feeling that you are reading history. In fact, it is so well woven into the story that you keep looking forward to the next clue and next story about a particular sculpture or an ancient architect.

While I am not sure if the facts mentioned about the Vatican, Rome, and Christianity are true or not. But I am sure CERN is the dream lab for any particle physicist. And anti-matter is what is being researched there. A few years back a few scientists from there got the noble prize for discovering a particle.

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

The story of the book Angels & Demons has every masala that you would find in a typical Hindi masala movie. A hero and heroine come together in adversity and fall in love. All the good guys turn bad throughout the story, except for the hero and the heroine. A child at the end discovers has killed his own father. The drama of the whole city watching the drama on television. And the last-minute idea to take the destructive weapon to a height where its explosion will not harm anyone and then the hero’s miraculous approach.

And everyone believes it is an act of God. At one place when the hero risks his life to save the heroine and tells the villain ‘Let her go’, it almost sounds like Dharmendra shouting his famous dialogue.

Overall, it makes me feel like going and seeing all those places mentioned in the book, now that I know a bit of history behind them.

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  1. ha, there you go, that would be a super duper hit. I have read Da Vinci code and then Angles & Demons, both were good enough to keep me involved. I heard hollywood is making the Da Vinci Code, Tom Hanks is acting as the prof.

    btw, A & D is a pre sequel of da vinci code..


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