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Amul’s India is a collector’s book that chronicles the journey of one of India’s best-loved brands. That also happens to have world’s longest running campaign. We all have our personal stories of association with the Amul butter and its campaign. Of course, the product that it promotes is as close to us Indians as the brand that we associate with it. I know butter is sold all over the world. But then no one has it as part of their mythology like we do – the epitome of love in love with butter.

This book has been brought out to commemorate the 50 years of this campaign. Takes you through a journey of the birth of Amul Girl with her trademark blue hair and white dress with red polka dots. And her brush with all major events and personalities in India. And sometimes across the world. We all have grown up watching her. But she remains the same, entertaining us as ever.

There are small essays by the people behind the campaign. And by the people who have been featured in the campaign. By famous people who lived around the initial hoardings of this and experts of advertising. People from daCunha communications talk about their journey from conceiving to running the campaign all these years. Especially recounting the times when they rubbed a few shoulders the wrong way. There is Amitabh Bachchan talking about his collection of hoardings featuring him. There are sports personalities Rahul Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar and Sania Mirza talking about their association with the brand and they’re featuring on it. And there are brand experts Harsha Bhogle and Santosh Desai giving their take on the brand personality.

Cyrus Broacha talking about his days as a copywriter of the campaign. There are Bombay boys Rajdeep Sardesai and Milind Deora talking about their school days when they used to look for the new hoarding from their school bus. Of course, there is milkman himself about the birth of the campaign and the long association with daCunha communications. For those who got featured in it, like Amitabh Bachchan says – It was free publicity.

Short essays interspersed with the author’s favorite hoardings bring out the nostalgia. I am sure we all have our personal stories to talk about the Amul campaigns. I remember as kids we used to look forward to the punch or joke as we used to call it then. And sometimes we used to pick the packet based on the joke, sometimes even choosing to wait till the next joke comes. For me, the strength of the brand comes from being a perfect mix of the constant presence of a known mascot and newness of the content every week. The constant gives the comfort of familiarity while the new part keeps the interest intact.

Amul’s India is not a reading book. Because if you start reading you will finish in a matter of minutes. It is a collector’s book for those who have fond memories of growing up with the brand. I must add the proceeds from this book Amul’s India go for the education of underprivileged children. And everyone in this book has contributed pro-bono.

PS: As I wrote this review the news of Dr. Verghese Kurien came, so this review is dedicated to him. He for me is the Bharat Ratna who gave dignity to the people of this country, health to a nation, biggest brand to the Indian market and a can-do attitude to the generations to come. If I could I would want him to be reborn in India and lead us once again.

You may buy this book – Amul’s India: Based On 50 Years Of Advertising by daCunha Communication at Amazon.

Amul’s India by daCunha Communications

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  1. i must buy this book .. sounds very interesting!

    i already have ‘i too had a dream’ in my collection .. now this and ‘the man who made the elephant dance’ is next in line…


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