Book Reviews by Anuradha Goyal

I have been reading ever since I can remember and reviewing them for more than 10 years now on this portal Anu Reviews. Never thought that writing down my reflections on the books I read is going to culminate into this. Sharing my thoughts with other readers have often given me multiple views of the books we read and authors we talked about.

In the true sense these are not book reviews meant to rate a book or even recommend a book. These are my reflections on the books, that happen at the cross section of what the author is trying to say and what I have experienced in my life or the chords that the book has touched in my life or in my emotions. It is possible that you like the book I did not or vice versa, because we all intersect with the author at a different points. This intersection is also a function of when and where we read the book.

I read books across many genres in both fiction and non-fiction. I enjoy reading biographies, specially autobiographies and sometimes business biographies are interesting too. Management books let me test the theories they propose through my practical experience of working in and with the corporate world. Travel books give me various angles from which I can see the same place, and tell me new ways to explore the world. Self help books sometimes hold me through low phases of life. Psychology helps me understand myself and hence others. Philosophy is always a good mental exercise, a argument that you enjoy in your head and sometimes it has the power to change your worldview. Books about environment and ecology make me a more conscious human being. History makes an attempt to connect me with my roots, it tells me the journey my species has covered to reach today. Art history tells me the evolution of art as a part of human evolution and how life and art are inter-twined with each other. Fiction takes me to an imaginary world where I can feel the flight of author’s imagination, and at times it educates me about people and cultures from far and near.

Books I read get added to the small library in my home which is open for anyone to come and read, to discuss books and for anyone who likes to spend time in the company of books. A few years down the line when I retire I would like to run this library as an open cultural space. When and where it would happen, only time will tell as I pretty much lead a nomadic life at the moment and do not know if and when I would settle down in one place.

At the moment I call Goa my home and the best way to reach me is [email protected]