A Flawed God by Arjun Shekhar


A corporate junkie looks at characters around him in the office. Reads a few books. And makes a list of ingredients that he needs to put in his story and writes a book called A Flawed God. This is one of the worst books that I have read. Mixing fantasy with reality, no defined characters, random events, a forced love scene in the middle of a crisis situation. A hero like fighting by the protagonist and a secret collective, which actually does not exist. Either the author is too smart and is making a statement to his colleagues around him. Or he is too naïve to write such a Hoch poch story. He is ambitious is putting forth a highly imaginative way to manage organizations. But he is as far from both the reality and the details as he can be.

A Flawed God by Arjun Shekhar

The last chapter is the only saving grace of the whole book that seems to have been written at peace and from the heart. Everything else is a brainwork using set formulas. And an immature attempt to write a bestseller.

If the writing is bad, editing is even worse. You cannot make out if the character called Masoom is a male or female as somewhere they refer the character as him and sometimes her. A politician negotiates for his eye treatment along with crores. And asks for a first class ticket to go from Delhi (or the outskirts of it) to Delhi. Or was that funny and I did not get the point? Looks like the editor never wanted to work on this book. But was forced to and hence left these unpardonable mistakes.

Read A Flawed God it if you want to punish yourself.

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  1. Anuradha, I am surprised at your intense reaction. Btw, the book has reached the Guardian bestseller list and is receiving great feedback on the facebook page of the book. Maybe you need to clean your lens before you call something dirty. Some of your feedback is valid but much of it is quite opinionated. Here are more balanced reviews you might want to read. Other balanced reviews available in First City, HT, etc.- Arjun Shekhar

  2. Arjun, to be honest I am also surprised at such an intense reaction to a book, but believe me this is what I honestly felt about it. In fact I did not write the review immediately to see if my reaction would mellow down, but it did not. You have the right to not like this review and be critical of my reviewing skills. I refuse to be influenced by what other reviewers say. I am an individual limited and at the same time enriched by my experiences, my biases and my conditionings.

    Congratulations on being on the bestseller list.

  3. Arjun is a Mayoite and it is his conditioning as such which has shaped his book ,amongst others an article published in Imprint in 1976.He can hardly be called a XLRI ALUMINI.

    Arjun is making an attempt and he has to be appreciated for, otherwise sucess will remain a chimera et al……….


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