2 States The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat


After reading Five Point Someone, I had decided never to read Chetan Bhagat again. I mean there was hardly anything to read, but his rants about IIT. For some reason, I did pick up his latest book 2 States. Which obviously talks about a marriage between people from different states. I did not expect much from the book. But the book had nothing at all. It seems to have been written with a Bollywood script in mind. The author continues to talk about his IIT IIM pedigree. And leverage on the dream that the youth of this country have to live in both these campuses.

2 States The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat

He talks about a Punjabi boy and a Tamilian girl’s romance that develops at IIM Ahmedabad. And how the boy and the girl have to please and like each other’s families. How they are torn apart by their respective families, but finally the story has a happy ending and everyone is a big happy family. There is a sneak peep into the investment banking world and what the IIM A guy does there. The girl goes and works for HLL, the other high point for any IIM pass out.

Every bit of the book is predictable. On a lighter note, Chetan, Krish does not sound like a Punjabi name. And how come Krish did not have a pet name like ‘Bablu’ or ‘Bunty’, or you did not want to share your pet name with the world. And how come you did not talk about the IIM dorm names…:-)

If you have a couple of hours to kill, read it…

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  1. Completely agree with you. This book is remix of 2-3 bollywood movies like DDLJ.
    I read three books of Chetan Bhagat, and I think, he has good story telling capability but not much in the story.
    I don't want to offend anyone, but can't figure out why people of my generation likes his books this much!

  2. thank you for stopping at my blog and leaving the comment…

    yes… the story is predictable and has some typical movie elements in it.. I laughed when Radha shares the stage with none other than SPB & HariHaran.. I am still wondering if it's fiction or it really happened with Chetan..

    but hardcore chetan's fans are loving it…

  3. Actually, I liked the book. It brings out how people feel about cultures and how they consider other cultures in India. I agree the story is predictable, but the author has portrayed the Punjabi and Tamil culture well and I think it is a good read.

  4. An overly long account of two culturally disillusioned characters. The story is not as magnetic as it promises to be in the back cover pages. But to call it a ‘time killer’ is a blunder.

  5. Dear Anuradha, Iam in the beginning stage of reading novels. Really I don't like to read novels or books. But to my surprise, I read all the four novels of Chetan Bhagat. This is my first attempt to read novels. I too felt the same, that many films were combined. But I liked it. You just take in the way that the books is for initial readers.

  6. Dear Anuradha, Iam in the beginning stage of reading novels. Really I don't like to read novels or books. But to my surprise, I read all the four novels of Chetan Bhagat. This is my first attempt to read novels. I too felt the same, that many films were combined. But I liked it. You just take in the way that the books is for initial readers.

  7. Frds, I request to approach the book with an open mind. Very complicated issues like dowry,pre marital sex,conservativenss,intricate family relationships and abov all the basic qn which is dividing our country-Language(as eveident from current happenings in MH,K'TAKA,TN and elsewhere) hav been dealt casually by the author.Wat cud hav ended as a melodrama has been perfectly etched by his unique style of writing-simply not literary and thatz wat captivates young minds to read his books again and again. PLs approach the book with broad mindedness irrespective of whether u r a tamilian/punjabi/gujju!

  8. Ya, I completely agree with your opinion. ya it may be a wastage of time but not for Bhagat's fans…

    Anyone interested in reading 2 States? Then get your copy for free from

  9. oh! Cmon. How can you say the book had nothing to offer. I really liked the book. It was just a simple read about the truth in our country. Love marriages between two states, even today, is not really an easy thing.
    For a light read, I think it's pretty good.

  10. i have read the "2 states" during my final exams week. Loved it very much. those who cant appreciate the book, i feel very sorry for them. This book stands out because Chetan chose a very good topic…though india is one country, ppl from different states never bond unlike in other countries owing to cultural differences. The youth who overlook the cultural differences cant bond because of their conservative parents. The girl and the guy in 2 states did a great job in convincing and enlightening their parents(other indians too) and helped them expand their horizons

  11. Dear Anuradha,i agree with shilpa. I really feel sorry for those who cant appreciate the book. What kind of stuff do u like if u cant like this? Its so full of life, and though it cant be entirely true but it does have a very very close similarity to life. U have to be in their shoes to understand their feelings, or atleast u have to have loved someone in your life to understand what Krish & Ananya had to go through.

    • “U have to be in their shoes to understand their feelings”, so is this how one should go reading a Novel? Sunk yourself deep in the characters first as if you owe with an author something that one has to like his piece anyways. Nevermind, but it seemed to be a little biased towards the idealized author. Read it as what is being written than WHO WROTE IT. Plus the debate should be over the content of the book itself NOT the topic of arrange vs love marriage (which can indeed be presented with literary brilliance depending upon the writer’s flair)

  12. Nice post , i have something similar to say
    I have nothing against the book. But its an bollyhood movie on pages. Chetan thinks that he can solve india's cultural differences with love-marriage.
    cross cultural/caste/relegion love-marriages were always there since dawn of indian civilization but nothing happned, and it will never happen based on love -marriages.

    We need different new insight to solve real social problems , not just DDLJ style sentiments

    Lets wait and see how he grows and matures.

    For me he is still a businessman not a writer. He has foud a niche market.

    Let people read and enjoy his books but dont claim him to be a Homer

  13. you are absolutely correct…no more comments…hope chetan reads this blog so that he can write something different next time…lets see

  14. Bit afraid! I m in b/n.cnt say 2 states totally time killer!i feel chetan is mixing business in his excellent story tellng capabilities.his books made me laugh like anythng so i hv a softr part for him!

  15. This is first time that I am reading a book written by Chetan. While, I think this book will not get critics award, but at the same time, I don’t find any reason to agree with your review. This book is just hilarious, absolute comedy and obviously with a fictional element to this book. This is not a thriller that you can’t predict the end of story. So anyone, who wants to have some fun time, can read it.

  16. well i feel Chetan Bhagat Is,to-this-date,the best ever writer in english in India.Wats there in 2 states, I like all his books.Nd ofcourse I m his fan.His writing style touches young people nerves..Looking forward for more novels.

    • “the best ever writer in english in India” –> Justify !!! And I’ll also pray with Literary Stalwarts to forgive you for this highly immature and comment out of obliged emotion.

  17. People: Do not make your mind about reading the book – based on comments here. I live in the US, picked up this book when I was in India and finished reading on my trip back. It is a great entertainment. My first Chetan book and I became his fan.
    Read it and decide for yourself. It's fun!

  18. I HATE U..This is 1 of da best books i have ever read..<3ed dis book lyk anything..u all cant say anything bad for it coz it was ROCKING!!

  19. basically this book izz meant 4r yoongsters….thre's nthn tum waste in this …
    i found reading dis D WHOLE DAY….kinda fun……chetan rhis izz 4r u <3<3<3


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