100 years of IBM

HBR talks about 100 years of IBM, the years that saw depression, war and competition. 
Just a few years ago, the same magazines were writing off IBM. Today, they talk about its survival through various ups and downs, it adaptability through various changing external and internal environments. In a true HBR style they come out with 4 points that made them survive. How I wish life was that simple !
It is so simple to look at a giant organization like IBM and say these are the 4 factors that made them successful. Can it be dependent on a single individual as the author of the article tries to portray. An organization that has lived and lived successfully for 100 years is definitely worth studying. And IBM has many more reasons besides longevity to be a subject of study for organization scientists and management enthusiasts. We need to look at its lows as well as we need to look at its highs and the reasons why it oscillated between them. Why belittle it by restricting it to 4 points.

Anuradha Goyal