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Ayodhya Mahatmya

Ayodhya is the Adipuri, the first city of Vishnu, first among the Saptapuris – the seven mokshadayini ancient cities of India, situated on the banks of Sarayuriver where the rivers Tamsa and Ghaghara merge into it. We know this city from Ramayana, where the seventh avatar of Vishnu, Sri Ram took birth and ruled from. AyodhyaMahatmya in Skanda Purana introduces us to the city that has been ruled by the illustrious kings of Suryavamsha, a Tirtha that has been visited by the likes of Agastya Rishi and Ved Vyasa and a pilgrimage that every sage living anywhere on the sacred land of India wishes to undertake.

Ayodhya Mahatmya Anuradha Goyal

Lotus in the Stone

Lotus in the Stone is a book that gives you the vision, that drishti, to see India the way it has been through thousands of years - unhurried, trusting, simple and full of devotion and life - and still continues to be so, when it comes to the lives around its sacred spaces and ancient temples.

Lotus in the stone

The Mouse Charmer

The Mouse Charmers is a collection of stories about 12 iconic digital entrepreneurs in the fields of commerce, content, and connectors. They represent the new breed of emerging entrepreneurs in the Indian scenario, who have used the power of Internet to create new markets and reinvent their approach towards older markets.

The Mouse Charmer

Unusual Temples of India

Curated from the popular travel blog IndiTales, these tales introduce you the nature of spiritual relationships in India that are defined as per the time, place and circumstances. Author has been visiting these temples for decades now, and the writings have been compiled over time based on her personal experiences, research and observations.

Unusual Temples of India
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